its sso close


Anonyme says: oh my gosh the way you love alex is so adorable and i hope u get to meet him and hug him and everything xxxx

oghg my god angel thankyou so much im going to die

l505l says: hey your ideia is like v awesome pls post pictures when you get done not necessarily the texts because I imagine it's something personal but just the outside you know because omg seems so perf for him

i got this message right after i made that post skhkjs it’s been so long im so sorry im trash abt answering messages oh my god

if he gets the book im going to post pictures bb for sure ahhhhh thank you so much from the bottom of my heart… it means the world ;-;

letscolourthemoon says: Hey did you give your book to Alex? I think it's a great idea, you're awesome!

ahhhh, this message made me smile so big earlier today <3 i havent given the book to him yet bb, im going to try giving it to him in november. thank you so, so much, this means so much to me ;;

Anonyme says: what are some other bands that you listen to??

aw, many bands!!! here is the link to my lastfm, if youd like to check it :-)

hey bbs, i got lots of messages asking for the source of these gifs. i’m so sorry i couldnt put a link on the actual post, since that interview hasnt been posted anywhere (thats not the interview thats on the canal+ website, thats a different one). there was a long interview that was shown after their album de la semaine performance. here is a download link for the whole album de la semaine 2013 performance + the long interview where those gifs are from (everything in 1080p). the file is really long and i’m so sorry in advance but that’s the only source i can give ;-; i’m so sorry for taking so long to reply!!

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